Web site statistics, easy to use with incredible accuracy - the only online log reader which tells you what's really going on on your website

Real-time analysis, see exactly who is visiting your site and what they do there - Stats Reader is the next generation of online web analytics


Stats Reader is an online tool, very similar to other web analytics tools, which shows what's going on on your website. What makes us different is that we show you exactly where individuals go, what they see, what they download - and using True Visits technology, we help you identify who is worth monitoring in your statistics and ignores robots, spiders and - increasingly importantly - fake visitors.

Install our code on your site and in minutes you'll be using the only technology that lets you see exactly what your visitors are doing on your website.


  • Real-time analytics
  • Multiple methods of employment on your site: server-side, log files (IIS or Apache) or via Javascript
  • Completely free, scalable solutions available